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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Meet the FLOCs

FLOCs are our microbiology experiments that we're going to put in the boreholes. For some of the experiments, we're holding rock chips on a piece of plastic with screws. For other experiments, we're filling these little containers with crushed up rock. We're going to allow fluid to flow through them and hope that the microbes in the fluid will attach to our rocks and start eating them. In a few years, we'll pull these experiments out of the borehole and check out what microbes are on them!

Yesterday, we started putting them together and getting them ready to go down ~400 meters below the seafloor!

Here's one of our grids. We managed to fit 12 rock chips on that itty bitty plastic piece! Also, see our little cassettes in the back with the black o-rings around them?

Here, I'm tracing and cutting out filters for our little crushed rock containers.

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