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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Deck BBQ

Not the most ideal day for a deckside BBQ since it has been cold and gloomy lately, but the catering staff decided to treat us to a grill out to celebrate getting over the hump of the cruise. And what a welcomed surprise it was too. :) That's Benjie at the grill to the left - he's the 2nd Cook on board and the cook for the meals on my shift.

For me, I was more elated at the sight of a real smoker! Finally, someone outside of Texas (and my parents' house, of course) knows how it's done! It was a real protein-fest with yellowtail tuna, shrimp, pork ribs, steaks, bratwursts and hamburgers. Very refreshing for us carnivores! For the one vegetarian on board though, it wasn't as fun. :/ We had quite a spread of side dishes too - salmon salad, baked potatoes and apple/walnut salad. The TransOcean guys even brought up their karaoke machine (below) so that we could have some music. Good thing we all let the IPOD supply the music though - could have been ugly if any one of us took the mic!

It was a very refreshing lunch. Even though we had to bring out our heavy duty jackets to brave the chill, it was a nice break from the galley and it felt good to commune outside for something other than work.

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