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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Answers to Food!!

I hope you all had fun calculating how much meat, milk and eggs the catering crew packed for our expedition. Here are the answers to the math problems:

1) We have around 100 people on board and everyone eats 2 pounds of meat every day for 65 days. How many pounds of meat is that?
(For those of you that calculated it based on 2.15 pounds of meat per day per person, you should have gotten 13, 975 pounds. 2 lbs per person per day is the actual number. Sorry I didn't update the entry before posting it.)
Well, 100 people x 2 lbs of meat per day x 65 days = 13,000 lbs of meat!! Here are the actual numbers. The catering crew packed 12,984 lbs of meat on board! We started with:
3,510 lbs of beef
2,891 lbs of chicken
3,622 lbs of pork
2,484 lbs of fish
477 lbs of lamb
Whew! That's a lot of meat!

2) And how many gallons of milk would you need if everyone drank a half a gallon every week. (Hint: We are at sea for 8 weeks.)
100 people x 1/2 gallon of milk per week x 8 weeks = 400 gallons of milk!!! Can you imagine how big of a refrigerator you would need for all that milk?

3) And how many eggs would you need everyone consumes 18 eggs a week?
100 people x 18 eggs a week x 8 weeks = 14,400 eggs!! Let's see, 14,400 divided by 12 would be 1200 cartons of eggs!! Wowzers! Those chickens must have been working overtime for us!

Now all of that is just the tip of the ice berg. We also have:
620 lbs of cheese
375 gallons of fruit juice
1890 lbs of flour
~1000 lbs sugar
boxes and boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables
lots of crackers and cereal
Soda, snacks and candy
Tea, coffee
Baker's chocolate , oats and cake decorating ingredients

So, where do we hold all of this food when we still have to store all the fuel, our paper supplies and the rest of our gear? The campboss (the guy in charge of our food and living situation) let me in on their secret. They have 2 huge dry storage areas where they keep all their dry goods like flour, cereal and sugar. And they have 3 *huge* ozonated refrigerators that keeps things fresh much longer than the refrigerators we have at home. And, yep, you guessed it, a HUGE freezer!

Check out the dry storage area to the left. Now, imagine this room filled TO THE TOP with food on every shelf and imagine this room is as big as your mom and dad's bedroom. Then imagine that you had two of these rooms just for dry goods. And that you had 3 of these rooms for refrigerators and another room for a freezer. That's a TON of space. ~1200 square feet to be exact. That's bigger than my house! And it's all stored on the JR. How do you fit all that on board, you might ask? Very carefully!

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