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Saturday, August 28, 2010


A week from today we will start our transit back to Victoria, Canada and a week from tomorrow, we will be stumbling around the port as we struggle to find our land legs. In the meantime, we have 7 1/2 more days to complete our science. Our tracer experiment went well yesterday. We should get results later in the year. Cross your fingers!! 12 years of planning has gone into this experiment so we're really hoping it yields some great results! Today and tomorrow, we are putting together the CORK and deploying it. Exciting!!

We have also started to pack up the microbiology lab. There are some materials going to Denmark, others going to Los Angeles and still others that will remain in the hold on the JR until our next cruise in the Fall of 2011. Several of our colleagues have already packed up huge crates of supplies and that's only a fraction of their total load. They've got a lot more to pack. Geez! There's a lot of planning and supplies that go into a 2 month expedition!

Speaking of large loads, do you know how many pounds of meat the catering crew had to bring on the ship to feed all of us? We have around 100 people on board and everyone eats 2.15 pounds of meat every day for 65 days. How many pounds of meat is that?

And how many gallons of milk would you need if everyone drank a half a gallon every week. (Hint: We are at sea for 8 weeks.) And how many eggs would you need everyone consumes 18 eggs a week? Now, it would be silly to think of us all eating 18 plain eggs a week. Most of the eggs we eat on board were put into baked goods like desserts, into fried rice and other cooked dishes and into quiches we had occasionally for dinner. Though, some of the eggs are fried up for us for breakfast or made into omelets. So, how many eggs do we need for that? If every carton holds 12 eggs, how many cartons of eggs would you need?

I'll give you the answers in a few days after you've had a chance to calculate them yourselves. I think you'd be surprised by your answers!


  1. Hey, Amanda!
    We are so excited that you are on the final days of your trip. That means you are much closer to visiting us!
    We think we have answers to 2 of your questions. Here's what we did: For the meat problem, we calculated 2.15 pounds times 100 people and got 215. Then we multiplied 215 times the 65 days on the trip. We concluded that 13,975 pounds of meat are needed for the entire trip. Whew! That's quite alot of meat!
    The milk problem was a bit more complicated, but we came up with the following: If each person drinks 1/2 a gallon for 8 weeks, that would be 4 gallons for each person because .50 x 8=4 and the amount needed for the whole trip would be 4 x 100 x 8 which equals 3200 gallons of milk for the whole trip. Did we figure this correctly?
    Have fun and enjoy your last days there!! If you find any fun souvenirs when you reach land (natural ones, like a seashell or a neat rock), we would love to see them.

  2. Yep, you calculated the meat right!! I'll post another blog entry with all the exact numbers.

    For the milk, you almost got it.
    .5 gallons per person per week x 8 weeks = 4 gallons per person for the whole trip x 100 people = 400 gallons of milk total. It was fun to see where they store all this milk!

    I will definitely keep my eye out for natural souvenirs. :)