7-29-2010: New (uprighted) video loaded on "Nitty Gritty" :)

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today was intense!! I knew sediment coring would be busy but it was crazier than I was expecting. Every hour and a half, we hear "Core on deck" which means we need to get our happy butts up to the Core Deck to take our samples. And check out how many people it takes to process the core on the CatWalk! We took 8 samples per core for 7 cores. That's how many samples?

We had just enough time to process all of our samples, prep for the next core and stop by the drinking fountain to wet our whistles then it was back to the Core Deck for another core. We've cored all the way to the basement which means we've gotten down through all the loose sediment and hit rock at the bottom. Very exciting since this is the depth we are most interested in - where the sediment meets the basement.

The sediment cores were awesome though. Today was my first time seeing one. Here's one to the left. It looks like muddy sludge for the most part but we have seen some pretty cool sediments. For instance, we captured an ash layer in one of the cores that is probably from a volcanic eruption in Washington or Canada.

We've got two more holes to drill and core in 3 more days. Our last core has to be on the ship by 10pm on Sept 3. That means we have 3 more days of science then we have to pack everything up and head back to port. As long as we've been at sea, we kinda wish we had more time at this site - very interesting stuff. Next time, though. :)

Gotta go! Back to work then it's dinner time! Oh, I forgot to mention that along with lettuce, we still have lemons. Those who know me know that I *LOVE* lemons! These little yellow guys have made the end of the cruise less tiring for me. Yes, I love lemons that much! :)


  1. Hello Amanda!
    We are excited to read about your push toward the end of the cruise and excited to have you visit with us. Here are a few questions we thought of:

    C asks: How long are you going to be able to visit with us? Where are they going to store the ship? Will people stay on the ship when it gets back?
    Q wants to know: Will you show us how the core works? How does stuff get sucked up in there? Is it a vaccuum?

    Can't wait to see pictures, video and cool experiment stuff!
    See you soon,

    Us :-)

  2. Hi all,
    I'm excited to see you too!

    C - I will probably be able to spend a half a day or a day with you in Sept when I come to Phx. Maybe more, depending on my schedule. But definitely a half a day.

    Right after we arrive in port, the ship is being prepared to do a transit to get ready for the next expedition. The JR is a very popular ship and so there is no time to store it. It's always working.

    Yes, the catering crew is staying on the ship. Everyone gets a few days on shore, but the catering crew has a 4 month contract to work, so they still have 2 months left on the boat before they get to go home.

    Q - Yes, I will show you how the core works. In fact, I have a surprise for you all. But you'll have to wait to see. :)

    Gotta go. Core on Deck! Have a great thursday!