7-29-2010: New (uprighted) video loaded on "Nitty Gritty" :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Our drilling tool got stuck last night and the drilling crew had to spend 12 hours pulling the drill pipe up, fixing the tool and putting it back down again. :( Bummer!! In the meantime, though, we've been packing up the lab and deciding which stuff we want to keep on the ship for the crew on the next expedition and which stuff we need to ship home. Seems like everyone else has started to do some major packing too. Bubble wrap everywhere!!

I'll try to make use of this free time to take some pictures around the ship and get them posted. No promises but I'll try. :)

Today is a beautiful day. The past couple of days have been gloomy, rainy and foggy. Today, the sun is out (for a little while, at least) and it's a beautiful day at sea. Speaking of which, gonna go get my Vitamin D for the day. And maybe take advantage of those lemons in the kitchen. :)

68 hours til land!

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